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The sunny side of life

The Sunny Side of Life


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Maldives has become ever so popular for group travel. The destination has changed so much that it caters to all categories ranging from budget travelers to luxury spenders. Group travel has increased with the increased number of flights in to the destination and the availability of inventory of the accommodation providers (resorts & city hotels). No explanation is required of the beauty of the destination, which comprise of white sand beaches, the marine life and the recreation activities available in all parts of the destination such as diving, snorkeling and fishing.

The natural beauty of the islands is a completely memorable experience for all travellers. Affordable luxury has become the concept of most resorts nowadays and it’s exactly what drives most travellers in the world to Maldives. The high standards set by the government improve and sustain the security of travellers.

Palomino has partnered with some of the major resorts in the Maldives and can create the best experience for you.

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