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Corporate. Social. Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility of Palomino Hospitality, a Global DMC Partner.

Finding a harmony amongst green and pick up, amongst benefit and individuals, amongst taking and giving. Palomino Hospitality, a Global DMC Partner, is devoted to inspiration affecting lives and jobs in the groups where our customers travel.

We guarantee responsible behavior in the travel and tourism market with regard to employees, your partners, the society and the environment. We believe CSR should not only be rephrased Corporate Social Responsibility but also as Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.


  • Our company commits itself explicitly to the guiding principles of CSR and the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of UNWTO
  • Our company strives to follow the guidelines of ISO 26000 (social responsibility)


  • Child protection: We have signed the Child Protection Code
  • We do not employ children under the legal age
  • We are an equal opportunity employer
  • There are clear overtime regulations
  • Regular surveys of employee satisfaction


  • Monitoring of consumer loyalty with unique reference to duty and maintainability.
  • We advise our clients on the maintainability of our products and services


  • We give preference to sustainable means of transport and accommodation
  • Palomino Hospitality, a Global DMC Partner, prefers green energy available and monitors its energy consumption.

Supply Chain/Cooperation

  • We monitor the CSR index and practice of our partners and suppliers
  • We review the standard of sustainability of our partners and suppliers and try to influence them in the direction of sustainability and responsibility.


  • Palomino Hospitality, a Global DMC Partner, protects the cultures of the respective destinations
  • Our travel products are able to convey a fair picture of the regional cultures involved and do not interfere more than necessary with the practice of those cultures.