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Golden skin and a white mane, the Palomino parades gracefully through scenic hills and valleys, offering you adventure, pride and a sense of security. Palomino Hospitality is a company that combines comfort with adventure and destinations with experience.

With an experience of more then five decades, our team in India is proficient in all aspects of travel. Our imprints can be traced not only in India but also in more than 30 countries and 350 cities across the globe. We use our in-depth knowledge of the industry and collective expertise gathered over 50 years to offer a full range of travel services for groups and individuals.

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Palomino Hospitality

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The Sunny Side of Life

Palomino’s partnerships with some of the best resorts to offer an experience of a lifetime.

Private Jet Services

Luxury Private Air Charters

Our proud association with PJS Group, adds a next level of luxury for our clients… worldwide.

Message from the CEO

Dear Friends & Partners,

We entered the year 2020, exhilarated, for it seemed promising, full of challenges we were ready to take head on. But the year unfolded in a way none could anticipate. It literally dropped a bomb overhead and the entire world was grounded and recovery seems to be a long way.

One of the most hit industries due to pandemic is tourism. In an era of lockdowns and quarantines, most of the big organization in the industry had to lay off their employees who were left scavenging to get their life back on track in these troubled times. In India, it is worse as tourism sector received absolutely no support from the government and is left to fend for itself. Though we all are not in the same boat but we all certainly are in the same storm.

With the Christmas celebrations surrounding us, I would like to share these beautiful lines which, I came across recently – “I thought 2020 will be the year I got everything that I wanted. Now I know 2020 is the year I appreciate everything I have” – And yes, there is no doubt that despite all the upheaval, 2020 is all about being grateful for everything we have. Palomino Hospitality is still standing chin up, looking adversity in the eye and hoping for a better 2021. In these troubled times, it is an amazing feeling to know that we are a team who have supported and stood by each other as a family. We, at Palomino Hospitality, always believed in the team spirit and its significance – “Together, We Are Stronger”. We are grateful for all the lessons the last two years brought our way, for making us stronger, bonding us like never before and especially for letting Palomino Hospitality survive this pandemic so far.

Despite the most challenging year of our lifetimes, we still have the holiday spirit in us. And with this very thought and gripping faith in our hearts, we look forward to 2022 with immense hope.

Ajay Vinayak
CEO, Palomino Hospitality


Dear Palomino, We are looking back to a marvellous journey, we had with your company. We are also very gratefull. Everything worked out very well, no surprises, just smoothfull flow. We will recommend you, whenever possible. Thank You Very Much.

Raymond Buchmann,


Thank you, Palomino Hospitality, for making our journey over the past few days excellent from the hotels to guides provided. Many thanks for your valuable services.

Ana Margarida Bernado Cunha,

State Ministry of Baden-Wurttemberg

I would like to thank Palomino Hospitality for the very professional and personal engagement for the trip of Chief Minister of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, Winfried Kretschmann. This is also due to your commitment as well as to your colleagues.

Werner Schempp,

Govt. of India

Recommended Palomino strongly to everyone. They helped me at every step for my trip to Nepal. They have a very responsible attitude towards their customers. Overall it was a great experience and I thank Palomino for a great trip and good service. I will be surely taking more tours/trips from them in future. Good work done especially by Pushpinder Singh. Special thanks to the CEO Mr Ajay Vinayak and Mrs Vandana Mehta Vinayak.

Rakesh Shukla,



Thank you for making our vacation so enjoyable! We had a great time in Cambodia and Thailand. All the tour guides were very knowledgeable and caring. Once again thanks for the great experience! Until our next tour, good bye.

Rajan Natarajan,

Petrofac Services Limited

Many thanks for all your help over the last few days.  We are now back in London and getting back to our ‘normal’ days.

Alison Broughton,

Head of Company Secretariat